NFT Gaming Wallet

After creative brainstorming with the founder of Spielworks and talking about one of their product, a Wombat dApp, I felt inspired about the next steps of developing this particular product.

The WomdApp is the next iteration of the wallet. It is a one-stop spot for collecting all your gaming NFTs and trophies.

The idea was to bring new functionalities such as news feed, in-wallet chat, and scoreboards into the app making it even more involved in a web3 life of a gamer.

The splash screen was an experiment with the Mid-Journey AI software with a prompt of a Wombat playing a computer game.

Discover page is your in-wallet feed where you can see what other gamers are doing, playing and collecting. You can imagine it like a Facebook feed that allows you to comment and react on other gamers journey.

WomdApp also lets you trade cross-game NFTs and trophies directly within the app.


A concept study of the new variation of NFT gaming wallet done for Spielworks company.

The company focuses on the promise of blockchain to empower gaming.

Womdapp is the next iteration of their NFT gaming wallet Wombat. By introducing the chat and feed option within the wallet, players can easily see other players' high scores, trade NFTs and chat directly.

In my opinion, NFT wallets should be able to give an opportunity to the holder to get in touch with the creator of the NFT.

What do you think?

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