Tinder for discounted clothes

Clothe me app was an old idea with a working title 'I am cheap'.

The purpose: to find cheap clothing deals around you. It is a Tinder for discounted clothes.

The goal: an app so simple and intuitive that you can use it in 30 seconds or less.

The search page is your main screen. In just a few simple steps you can set the filters and pick the best discounted clothes for you.

Your search results will appear in the feed page where you can see the preview of the clothes curated just for you. You can save what you like, reserve the clothes for buying it later or buy them now.

My closet page is a place where you can see the clothes you interacted with. If you saved something for later to check or to buy it will appear here.

The color combination used here was made to be neutral but slightly more appealing to females since according to the stats they make the majority of buyers.


The idea was to explore the Tinder model for discounted clothes.
Just set a couple of filters and search around you immediately.

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