A Hardware Crypto Wallet

If you are living under the rock, then you have probably missed the cryptocurrency craze everybody talks about. In the last couple of years, Web3 technologies took the world by storm. Once just the talk between nerds, words like crypto, Bitcoin, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and metaverse are now part of everyday life.

If you are hodling some of the cryptocurrencies, you probably have a dedicated wallet. The biggest difference between them is that there are online and offline wallets. Logically, offline wallets are more secure which is the topic of this concept exploration.

Hardware wallets, or cold storage wallets, are having only one function which is performed rarely. Almost 97% of the time, those wallets are hidden or forgotten somewhere, collecting dust. That is like you are having a car and use it only to go to buy weekly groceries and the rest of the week the car is parked.

So, if we are carrying our normal wallets with money, cards, and documents almost everywhere, even if we can pay with our smartphones, why don’t we assign our crypto wallet other functions, and give it more usability and purpose?

Meet Offone by Ledger. A hardware wallet with calling and texting functions. Bring your crypto wealth with you and keep it on your eye all the time.

Offone features a fingerprint sensor on its back for enhanced security, wireless charging with a 10+ days battery, and an eye-friendly E-ink paperwhite display. It is a water and dust-resistant, Ledger security-grade wallet with a unique symbol-based user interface.

Bluetooth and cable connections allow a user to connect with the computer and synchronize crypto balance. Bluetooth also makes it easy to take calls and dictate text with headphones.

Offone’s keyboard makes it easy to set up seed phrases, PIN, and trade crypto in just simple steps.

Is a cross between hardware wallet and phone possible?

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