Why me 😎

- I have helped a startup raise 270k Euros pre-seed investment.
- As a project manager, I have led an engineering and design team of 6 people.
- Helped the company I worked for negotiate a 5M Euros deal with a prominent client.

- Designs featured on Dezeen, the biggest design & architecture website with over 3M+ visitors each month.
- Work showcased on YankoDesign, the best product design website.
- I write my ideas and thoughts
- Sneak peek into my work

What I am offering 📢

I have been an engineer for over 10 years and have worked in design, project management, and business development roles. I’ve led engineering teams and worked alone. Always pushing the limits of my imagination.

I have sold my first company and failed miserably with the second one. After learning from those mistakes, I am approaching problems from various angles, always looking for feedback.

I am a tech enthusiast who loves to experiment and explore cutting edge technologies. I am good at breaking complex problems into manageable pieces so they are easy to digest and solve.

Published designs, storytelling & presentations skills, and engineering background are just a part of my curious, imaginative personality.

I believe it's something you will find helpful when it comes to solving challenging problem(s).

What I bring to the table 🧙🏻

- 10+ years of design, project management, and product development
- 7+ years as the CEO of an architecture company
- 6+ years in the tech startup ecosystem

- R&D, rapid prototyping, concept developing
- Brainstorming, troubleshooting, idea validation
- Storytelling and presentation (500+ presentations so far)

Web3 experience so far 👾

- Creating, minting, trading, buying and HODLing NFTs
- Testing various dApps on different blockchains
- Flipping and trading different cryptocurrencies
- Testing various hardware and hot wallets
- Explain the web3 & crypto to your grandma